Excellence is the Standard.
Passion is the Fire.

This is a community of individuals that are committed to executing all tasks and deliverables including the most minute details of our various projects with the goal of achieving excellence according to Tribe standards, customer and client satisfaction. 
The fire these Dragons breathe is pure passion, passion for their Tribe, passion for their trades or professions, passion for The Arts and passion for improving the world we live in at a local, national and global level. Dragon Tribe members love what they do regardless of the industry or profession and are eager to achieve Tribe progress and realization of the Tribe philanthropic mission. 

Connect with a global community of artists and professionals

Committed to excellence. Passionate about improving our world.

The primary goal of the tribe is to develop an eco-conscious self-sustaining thriving community by creating a supportive network of like-minded members & investors primarily by showcasing the passions & talents of the tribe members, bringing happiness and satisfaction to customers and clients and to use portions of the proceeds towards healing various local, national and global issues and communities.