Heart shape signifies that love and passion is the primary flame. Passion for Fire, Flow Arts, The Arts, Trades, Professions, Excellence and love for People, Each other, the environment & animals. The flame signifies Fire as the primary passion and industry of the tribe and also signifies passion as being the catalyst for unifying like-minded similarly driven individuals. The flame also signifies the new ember of passion that has entered your heart for the mission of the tribe, which is primarily for unifying like-minded Dragons to build a strong, secure, safe, welcoming, supportive and loving community with the goal of thriving on our efforts, contributions, passions and talents. Most individuals wearing this logo will be newly affiliated Tribe supporters. Individuals wearing this shirt may or may not be official members and thus do not represent the brand fully. Support the Tribe’s philanthropic mission, business development goals and begin your journey to becoming a member by purchasing merchandise with this logo!

Signifies that your passion and commitment to the Tribe’s mission and to striving for excellence in all things has progressed to a level that is considered fully developed (symbolized by the two individual separate dragons) representing this logo associates this individual the company’s brand of Passion & Excellence as well as the Loving & Friendly Nature of the Tribes internal culture. The Red Dragon signifies the primary passion of the Tribe in Fire Flow Arts & The Blue Dragon signifies like-minded individuals of any industry that are passionate and committed to contributing towards achieving the Tribe’s goals; partnering together. ONLY confirmed official members are allowed to purchase and wear merchandise with this logo. Support the Tribe’s philanthropic mission, business development goals and recognize your fellow Dragons with ease by purchasing merchandise with this logo!