Tallahassee, FL

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Disclaimer: Dragons Den & Tribe events are public events (unless otherwise specified by the head organizer) and The Dragon Tribe is not responsible for the safety of any attendee or tribe member at any time. Members and Attendees agree thus to attend at their own risk and accept the marginal risks associated with attending an event with fire spinning and flow art props. It is required that all tribe members participating in fire spinning attend a Tribe safety course prior to participating in a Dragons Den event.  Events are suitable for most ages, however, because of the nature of the marginal risks it is recommended that attendees do not bring small children or children under the age of 13. All underaged attendees must be accompanied and supervised by their guardians at all times, no exceptions. Attendees agree to remain in the designated viewing areas only and agree to remain a minimum of 30ft-40ft away from any and/or all fire dancers at all times as a safety precaution. Please be aware not all individuals wearing the Tribe merchandise are associated with The Dragon Tribe enterprise or apart of the event planning team.